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Professional ​

Art Direction | 10+ year art directing photoshoot experiences
specialist in home decor, furnitures,  fashion accessories and 
giftware & seasonal items. 

Graphic Design | A graphic designer that have with a knowledge of branding and marketing strategies.

Project Management |Many years experiences in managing  print & digital projects to achieve it's goals in an efficient and productive manners. 


Graphic Project Leader / Art Director 

Ganz Giftware

​2009 - 2020

◦ Design, oversees and execute varieties of print and digital design projects from beginning to end. Projects include: 500+ page catalogues, brochures, ads, posters, invitations, E-blasts and more. 


Responsibilities includes: monitoring current graphic trends,

acknowledges client's (or end-user's) needs & demands in the project; developing a creative strategy and developing mood-boards; art directing photoshoots; translating creative concepts into visual materials; overseeing pages/spreads assembly, layout & composition; checking preflights; and attending press approvals at commercial printer.


◦ Oversee and exercise creative controls at photoshoots. This include: acknowledge Product Developers’ demands; creating a creative strategy; communicate and work in collaboration with the photographers and 
stylists on-set to ensure overall aesthetics and creative strategy
is achieved.

◦ Work independently, but also in close liaison with internal teams and external third-party suppliers to achieve designs goals efficiently. 



Production Graphic Artists

Ganz Giftware

​2008 - 2009

◦ Adapt creative concepts to assemble and layout pages or spreads
for 500+ pages catalogues. 

◦ Work with project leader/art director, creative director and
copywriters to ensure creative integrity and brand consistency
and at the highest quality. 

◦ Review all graphics, layouts and fonts to ensure they are at the highest quality standards.

Work with creative director to designer some B2B marketing materials such as ads, posters and invitations. 

◦ With my outstanding performance, I was promoted to Project Leader / Art Director after 1.5 years. 

Graphic Designer - Freelances Community Volunteer
NAAAP, Non-profit Organization



◦ Design and produce monthly advertising materials and all other digital & printed marketing materials to promotion the organization and their special events.

◦ Act as brand ambassador to ensure all designs are within the organization visual identity guidelines.

◦ Manage the organization image and font database.

◦ Work with printing company and approving proofs to ensure all materials for printed in the highest quality. 








​Bachelor of Design Degree
Fashion Graphics & Marketing Communication
(Minor in Business Marketing) 

Ryerson University

​2004 - 2008


My education in Bachelor of Design from Ryerson School of Fashion -Graphic Communication and Marketing not only prepare me to have an excellent sense in aesthetic, styles and colours. But this University education also enhance my foundation of design and enrich my graphic design technical skills. In addition, my minor in Business Marketing allow me to understand the importance of Branding and Marketing in every business, that being say, designers and creative professional  will also place the needs of their consumers and clients in minds at the end of the day. 

During this period, I was explore to varieties creative aspect including: graphic design, packaging design and event planning more.


Ryerson School of Fashion Events Involvement:

◦ Head of Graphic Design Committee - 2007 Ryerson Fashion Show
◦ Brand Manager/Art Director - 2008 Ryerson Graduating Exhibition

HTML & CSS Certificate
Seneca College



A 1 year course in HTML & CSS to enrich my web design skills in addition to my knowledge in Flash and Dreamweaver. 

Retail Buying Certificate
George Brown College


In additional to acknowledge the clients and consumers needs. This 2 years course to enhance my acknowledge of the back-end of many brand. These courses help me understanding the product manager and product developer mindset and think in their 
perspectives as well as the client/consumer in my design process. 

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