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Project | 01
CBK Home Accent |  Sales Catalogues

My main roles in this project was to art-direct and

oversee both the creative and aesthetic aspects.  This includes created, monitor, and execute all aspect of photoshoots (including: settings, props, compositions of merchandise, colour scheme, overall-mood and lighting) and page layout. I work

in collaboration with the stylists, photographers

and printers to achieve the best results. 

Project | 02
Style 101 Accessories | Sales Catalogues

As the art director of this project , I work in 

co-ordination with the stylist, as well as authorize all creative aspects of the photo-shoot including: models choices; outfits choices; hair and makeup ; model's 

gestures ; and facial expressions . Moreover, I am responsible for designs, layouts and compositions of the pages to ensure the overall aesthetics and creative strategy is achieved throughout. 

Project | 03
Ganz Showroom | Promotional Announcement

As the designer of this marketing materials.  I first met with the corresponding internal-teams to acknowledge the purposes and needs of this marketing pieces. Next I gathers all appropriate materials from other teams (ex. copy-writers) and create few final designs that can meet everyone needs. Lastly, working together with The Director of Creative, we decide the best one  to present. 

Project | 04
Ryerson School of Fashion Annual Event| Event Marketing Materials

As the Head of the Design and Branding of this event. I direct and inspire a small team of designers in the entire process of this project: from brainstorming; to designing; to presenting; and producing. This also include working with outsource the printer to ensure all printing materials are in good shapes. Moreover, I work in-coordination

with event planner, I developed the branding guidelines and ensure they are met in all elements of the event. 

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