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Project | 01
Alphabroder USA |  Art Direction

In this role, my primary responsibility is on-set art direction for both in-studio and on-location shoots. This encompasses developing creative concepts, collaborating with producers to cast models and scout locations, and working with stylists and other teams to design sets & propping, and ensure everything that align with the creative concepts and client's branding standards.

Project | 02
CBK Home Accent |  Sales Catalogues

In this project, my primary responsibilities included art-directing the photoshoot on set to ensure
that the lifestyle images aligned with the creative concepts and aesthetic standards. This encompassed developing creative concepts, designing sets, and collaborating closely with prop stylists and photographers. Additionally, I oversaw the page layout and design of the project until the final deliverable.

Project | 03
The Brick |  Art Direction, Magazine & Social

As both the art director and creative designer for this campaign, I collaborate with various departments and professionals to ensure that the set designs and concepts for each room are not only aesthetically pleasing but also in line with current trends throughout. This involves providing art direction on-set for photography and gif, with the resulting content being utilized in the client's quarterly magazines, social media platforms, websites, and other promotional materials. Additionally, I am responsible for designing their magazine. However, the client will handle the design
of their webpages and social media posts.